Guided Walks and Eco Adventures at Tidefest ’18

Although the full line up of events and activities for Tidefest ’18 hasn’t been announced yet, you can be absolutely sure that the history and the ecology of the Tidal Thames will be a big part of the programme. 

Every square inch of the Tidal Thames and it’s surroundings seems to have a tale to tell and Thames Tidefest is the perfect opportunity to get involved and learn more. From trips to ancient boatyards, guided history walks to archeological activities and reduced prices at museums Tidefest offers a brilliant chance for the whole family to learn more about the history of our amazing river.



With the government announcing new ways to reduce the plastic pollution in our waterways, everyone needs to get involved in our collective efforts to improve the environment and ensure our rivers and waterways are a haven for wildlife and nature. Tidefest will be playing an active part in helping people to not only appreciate the wonders of the natural River Thames but also will be encouraging everyone to get involved, so if you love nature, we will have some very special activities and events for you !