Rare chance to visit an amazing wildlife site

Get the chance to visit a Site of Special Scientific Interest not normally open to the public and take a walk guided by a local wildlife expert.

Kempton Nature Reserve is a 50 acre wetland site, and used to be an operational reservoir. It is now a site of Special Scientific interest for wetland birds such as gadwall and shoveler.

A Gadwall with chicks

Walk the circular paths and uncover the wildlife gems with local wildlife experts. In spring and summer the reserve’s main lake, meadows, ponds and woodlands comes alive with butterflies and dragonflies.

Emperor Dragonfly

You might see swifts, a common sandpiper, little grebe or if you are lucky a kingfisher or a sparrowhawk. Plus pick up some tips from experience birders and spot some wonderful wetland birds from the bird hides at Kempton Nature Reserve in Hampton, not normally open to the general public!

A Beautiful Sandpiper

The walks are FREE and will last 1.5hrs and you will be guided by local experts. Walks will start at 9.30am and 11.30am. To book please email jane.clarke@thameswater.co.uk