Free events and fun for all the family

One of the brilliant things about Thames Tidefest is the atmosphere that is generated around Kew Bridge and Strand On The Green during the event. It’s absolutely joyful ! Plus you don’t have to spend a penny to enjoy the event as there are loads of free attractions and stalls.



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Thames Tidefest 2023

River Dipping

Find out for yourself some of the amazing creatures that live in the river with our fantastic river dipping sessions run by Thames 21

This is always a hugely popular activity is suitable for both adults and families with children.  These will be walk up sessions from 11am till 4.00pm. No need to book and boots are supplied. Just come on down and get dipping !

What’s In The River ?

If you don’t fancy grabbing a net yourself then…..

The Institute of Fisheries Management (IFM) will be giving demonstrations of seine netting and displays of their catches from the slipway adjacent to Kew Bridge and Strand on the Green from around 11.30am onwards. A small stand with fish tanks and educational material will be in the Thames 21 marquee from 11am to 5pm Come along and find out what is living in the Thames Tideway.

Watch the boats go by !

There’s always something happening on the water and Tidefest is a great time to head to the shore and see some of the amazing craft that use the Thames as a highway

Fishing Competition

Angling Competition Weigh-in from 3.30pm

Come and see the amazing range of fish that live in the tidal Thames. 40 top anglers will be competing in this year’s Thames Tidefest Angling Championship. You can watch them catch all sorts of amazing fish. Fishing takes place : Four hours from 9am – 1pm   (depending on tide height) 

The weigh in is from 1pm and the prize giving at Strand on the Green at 2.30pm

Thames Artefacts

The River Thames contains a living history of human life in the area over the many previous thousand years including the last Ice Age. It acts as self- excavating trench exposing where our ancesters have lived, what they ate  and wore, as well as tracing the changes through the prehistoric periods to modern day.   Evidence of this can often be seen on the modern foreshore, which is twice a day exposed to view. Come and see some of the range of the finds uncovered with Thames archaeologist,  Dr Fiona Haughey. Artefacts dating from the last ice age, through prehistory, the brief Roman period as well as times up to the present period (artefacts of the future!) will be on display.  Come and hold a piece of history in your hand!!!