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Special Discounts & Offers

We have managed to twist a few arms and have come up with the following terrific deals for anyone who get’s a Tidefest Programme from our stand at Strand On The Green during the festival.

The London Museum of Water & Steam

are offering this very generous deal..

“Show us your Tidefest flyer on September 8th for 50% off day tickets at London Museum of Water & Steam, where you can ride our locomotive and learn about how the water gets from Thames to tap. Families can help us recreate the Thames as a giant collage, play at the outdoor Splash Zone and follow our indoor trail, while learning all about how London used water from the Thames to grow the country’s capital city.”

You can find out more about the London Museum of Water & Steam HERE

The Musical Museum

The Musical Museum is home to a wonderful collection of self-playing musical instruments. From tiny music boxes to the Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ in the concert hall, you can learn about the history of music reproduction, and hear an impressive array of self-playing pianos, orchestrions, pipe organs, violin players, gramophones & synthesizers. The museum’s theatre space hosts a variety of concerts, films and dances throughout the year, 

Located near Kew Bridge, Brentford,  Their popular café has views over the river.

Come along with a Thames Tidefest Programme and get 50% discount on admittance prices on September 8th.