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Paddleboarding at Tidefest 2020

Paddleboarding has become an essential part of the Thames Tidefest experience. There a few better ways to enjoy the river so why not book one of the Thames Tidefest Taster Sessions being run by Active 360 or take part in one of the Active 360 Paddleboard Natural History Tours !

Taster Sessions

Suitable for beginners. Please note we will not be able to take children under the age of 11 and you will not be able to book multiple children (more than 2) without contacting beforehand.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian!

You will start with an on land lesson and safety briefing before going out onto the river for a paddle around the local islands.

Depending on the tide you will either head up to Olivers Ait or Brentford Ait guided by one of our instructors.

What to bring

No specialist clothing is required. In warm weather, ordinary gym gear will be fine (shorts/leggings/T-shirt/sweatshirt). Preferably not cotton as it holds moisture – quick drying technical clothing is best if available.

No bare feet, footwear is required at all our SUP locations. Oldsandals with a heel strap or trainers you don’t mind getting wet. Or you can get cheap neoprene wet shoes from most large supermarkets.

Always bring a towel and a change of clothes just in case you take a little dip during the SUP lesson.

In colder weather (November – March), a wetsuit would be advisory.


You do not need to be a proficient swimmer, but should be comfortable about falling into water while wearing a buoyancy aid.

A certain level of flexibility and ability to get up to standing from kneeling is required for learning to paddleboard.

You will need to shower / wash thoroughly after the session if you have fallen in or been splashed and need to ensure any open cuts are covered.

We have taken people with physical and mental disabilities out on the water however please contact us before booking as we may need to take you out privately to ensure you receive the coach’s full attention.

We will also need to know of any recent injuries prior to the session.


Natural History Tours

A downriver paddleboarding trip learning about the Tideway, it’s wildlife and history. There are amazing animals to see and fascinating history to learn about and all while your floating down the river on a paddleboard !

This will include a lesson beforehand. Not suitable for anyone under the age of 16.